This site provides documentation, training, and other notes for the xLabs Gaze API and Demo. We are currently redeveloping our documentation for our SDK and Chrome extension (the current version can be found here), so please tell us what extra info you would like to see her by adding to the comments below, or sending us an email at talk+api@xlabsgaze.com.

Getting started

Let’s outline what you need to do to develop web pages that use head, eye or gaze tracking. We provide a free, public Browser Extension for end users (available here), but this only accepts commands from licenced domains and developers. To develop your own web pages (e.g. hosted as files on your local computer, or your own local web server) you need to register as a developer here to receive an ID token. Once you have the token, you can start by running some of our demos and examples hosted in our public Github Repository.

To get started, see these three topics:

  1. Quickstart Guide
  2. Working with Data
  3. Calibration and Logging