Usage Policy

Developing under EULA

We know that to realize this vision we need to support developers to build software on top of eye/gaze tracking.

We also need users to install and play with the system. It has to provide immediate benefits for everyone, which is why we provide it freely to end users and encourage developers to play and create useful applications with it.

Licencing is designed to encourage widespread adoption. In particular, we provide an End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) at no cost, and charge for Commercial or Developer Licences. You can use this document and your Developer ID token to develop your own programs and websites that use our client software.

The EULA does not permit you to distribute a software program or provide a service that uses or interacts with our software (including our browser extensions). When you get to the stage where you wish to launch or deploy your software, you need to contact us to arrange a separate licence.

If you create a website or program that uses or interacts with our system on an end-user’s computer, you must obtain a separate licence from xLabs. But don’t be put off: Our intent is very much to help you succeed with your software, and we might even offer to help promote your work.

A full set of licences, terms and conditions can be viewed at:

Developing for commercial purposes

We have two models for commercial development: SDK and API.

The SDK is an offline variant of our software, that can compute retrospective gaze analysis on a video or set of image files.

The API allows you to publish websites that will interface with the end-user browser extension to perform realtime gaze tracking on users’ computers and provide that data to your website.

The rest of this document only describes the API variant, although the features and configuration of the SDK are very similar. Both API and SDK licences are available at this time.

We would like to enable you to provide products and services that utilize our technology, at a reasonable price for the scale of your business. Please contact us to discuss commercial licencing: